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You wake up in a jail cell with your hands tied behind your back and have a splitting headache. You look up and notice an attractive guard standing in the corner watching you. You ask him/her why you are in prison but they do not respond. When you stand up, the guard comes over and knocks you to the floor and will not let you stand again. He/she goes back to their post.

Prompt: Write a dialogue between your character and the guard, which will convince the guard to let you out of jail. You have to convince the guard that you are innocent (even if you decide your character is not) so he/she will agree to let you out.

The prison your character is in is up to you. They can be in the middle east, Russia or a prison in your state, up to you.

Try to use the power of persuasion with either romance or emotion.
Try to figure out why you are there, this may help you convince the guard to let you out.

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January 27, 2013


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